#1 Best High Interest Savings Account

Want the Best High Interest Savings Account that helps you save and build credit with Bitcoin.

You’ve come to the right place, Get on the right side of savings.
Saving can be much more than storing money. 

Our platform allows you to create personal and group savings goals, where you can save Bitcoin daily, weekly, monthly or anytime  with a High Interest Savings Account.

high interest savings account

Ways To Save Bitcoin With Us

Solo Savings

Save money on your terms for a minimum of 3 months. We’ll reward your discipline with juicy returns on your high interest savings account.

Group Savings

You can now enjoy the benefits of savings group on our platform and get access to bulk capital at interest free rate. 

crown challenge

Set and reach multiple saving goals you set using our “Crown Challenge” feature, you can save for holidays, fees or even special events.

High Interest Savings Account

#1 Digital Savings Platform

The smart way
to save towards your goal..

Most people struggle to meet their saving and personal finance goals. BitRex Plus builds the accountability, community, and systems you need to save more.
BitRex Plus is a very secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline, flexibility plus the Best High Interest Savings Account to make you grow your savings and achieve financial freedom. 

Cashflow, made simple
with better interest rates than your bank

Our interest rates will get your bank account jealous.

Get your money to grow more money with the Best High Interest Savings Account. Your funds invested in
time tested, professionally managed low-risk Bitcoin Investment Plans in the BitRex Platform.

What's better than a Crown Challenge? A Crown Challenge

We are building upon your existing savings culture to help you create wealth.
As a challenge

Meet savings goals with the help of some competition.

Accelerate Saving Habit

With total transparency, keep tab on your goals by creating a plan for projects , events , family vacations and charitable cause.

Build Credit with the Best High Interest Savings Account

By simply participating in BitRex Plus group savings you can get access to bulk capital with ease. BitRex Plus online savings platform allows you to set group savings goals and invite group members to save towards achieving them.

Lets face it, no one would offer you interest free credit, but you can always be confident of enjoying such benefit on our online savings platform.

How Bitrexplus Systematic Saving Plan Works


Create an account

User Interface and Experience

Sign up for an account with your name, email and phone number.


Setup Savings Goal

Responsive Device Compatibility

Create your goal(s) with a name,amount you want to save and set a withdrawal date


Enjoy and Start Saving

Earn more Interest 

Make your deposit to credit builder digital address provided for you and start enjoying your savings.

Best Crypto Savings Account

Ready to earn intersts? Grow your wealth with Bitrexplus’s High Yield Savings Account.  A cryptocurrency savings account that helps you achieve your saving money goals with ease.


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No time is late to start your savings goals

Bitrexplus is the world’s leading regulated digital bitcoin savings account institution. The company’s mission from day 1 is to maximize the value of digital assets by offering tax-efficient ‘Instant Crypto Credit Lines’, high-yield ‘Earn Interest’ products and ‘investment’ capabilities for our clients, while ensuring the efficiency and military-grade security of the Bitrexplus Account. Bitrexplus currently offers personal and group savings account with crown challenge as products to help you achieve you saving money goals and earn more crypto.

Success Stories

Contrary to popular belief, Not all savers are created equal, so we reward you based on your saving habits to encourage you keep up with the good work. 

“I probably didn’t understand the power of small steps leading to Giant strides till I started my saving journey with BitRex Plus.The first Car I bought, myself, was funded by the savings I built one step at a time with BitRex Plux, the discipline made things easier. They are rated the Best Bitcoin Online Savings Platform. 

Jeridnimo Geronimo

Worcester, Massachusetts USA

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Start saving today!

Start growing your wealth today with Bitrexplus’s unmatched 10% APR and unique payout.

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